Brawa – DB personvogn, AByg nr. 135-9 Ep.IV

kr 599.00 kr 495.00


  • All handlebars free standing, also at the middle entry
  • Consideration of all differences in the framework for AB4yg and B4yg
  • individual seats
  • Multi-part bogies in exact replica
  • Exactly simulated chassis with many attached individual parts
  • Freestanding body supports
  • Prepared for interior lighting and tail lighting
  • Interior painted multicolored
  • Kurzkupplungskinematik
  • Scale narrow cream
  • Scale taillights
  • Multi-part interior
  • With Minden-Deutz 41 bogie
  • Replica of the roof welds
  • Perfectly fitting windows
  • Front window in the train driver compartment
  • Trittrost simulations on all entrances
  • Complete playback of the brake system



Due to the large lack of travel and Eilzugwagen after the 2nd World War and the generally poor condition of the vehicle park was announced with the presentation of the 3-axle conversion car and a conversion program for 4-axle car. Constructively, the development of the new 4yg cars was very close to that of the 3yg cars, which led to the acquisition of numerous components. The similarity between the two car types is therefore unmistakable. However, the 4yg got a middle entry, which had already proven itself in the new 26.4 m city speed train and led to a symmetrical division. As a donor car served mostly 4-axle compartment car Prussian design.

The vehicle frames of the donor car were all brought to the uniform length of 19,460 mm and then firmly connected to the new steel construction. The first test carriage was delivered in 1955 by the Aw Hannover. In the following years until the early 1960s created so over 1,800 cars of the three main genera AB4yg, B4yg and BPw4yg. For the cars built until 1958 used bogies of the Prussian standard type and gooseneck bogies were still refurbished. After that, the newly developed Minden-Deutz lightweight bogie was installed. For independent use with all three types of traction, all cars received both steam and electric heating. Due to the late delivery of the AB4yg a type-pure train formation was not possible from the beginning and so they lined up until 1958 usually A- or AB-prewar cable car in the trains formed from B4yg cars. The cars spread over the entire federal territory. However, from the actual project, all cars to 1.1.1990 ausustust was nothing, because due to the turn of the need for cars increased sharply. So occasionally even cars came to Berlin. Only on 28.2.1994 the last 4yg cars were taken out of the stock of the German course.