Fleischmann N-skala – DR cl 120, digital m lyd

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Diesel locomotive class 120 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn (Ost). Epoch IV.

Model with wide chrome stripe below the front windows.

Model with integrated load sensing digital decoder and true to the original sound functions from factory.

Motor with flywheel. Drive on four axles. 2 wheels have traction tyres. Interface according NEM 651 standards for decoder installation. Coupler pocket according to NEM 355 standards. LED triple headlights that change with the direction of travel. Close coupling mechanism.



The V 200, later designated class 120, has a power output of 1.470 kW (2,000 HP) and is therefore perfectly suitable for goods train operation. This construction type has the reliable design of the M 62 which was sold in Luhansk (Ukraine) already for many years to Soviet and foreign railway companies. From 1966 to 1975 the Deutsche Reichsbahn of the GDR procured a total of 378 locomotives of this series.