Fleischmann N-skala – DB BR52 «Stortysker»

kr 2,795.00

SKU: FLE715213

N-skala (1:160). Analog utgave med 6-pins plugg for dekoder.


Produsentens info:

Steam locomotive class 52 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB), Epoch III.

Version with tub tender.
Z21® driver’s cab available!

Drive on 2 axles with 4 traction tyres in the tender. Digital Interface according to NEM 651 standards. Dual LED-headlights that change with the direction of travel. Close coupler pocket according to NEM 355 standards.

The BR 52 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn are the most known locomotives of the commonly named war locomotives. At the outset of the post war projects there were 15000 locomotives being planned for production but then in 1942, only 7.000 and more were built. The locomotives were considered indispensable even after 1945 in many parts of Europe since they were used for reconstruction projects on a longterm basis.»