Fleischmann N-skala – z21 Digitalt startsett

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z21®start Digital set: Diesel locomotive BR 221 with 4-part express train («Popfarben») of the Deutsche Bundesbahn, epoch IV.

1 digitally controlled diesel locomotive of the BR 221 (with DCC decoder) and direction-dependent light change. – 4-piece express train car set («Popfarben»), including 1 express train wagon with electronic tail light.
– 1 z21®start *
– 1 plug-in power supply
track with gravel bed for one oval (radius R1) with siding (5 x 9100, 3 x 9101, 1 x 9114, 8 x 9120, 1 x 9170, 1 x 9116) ), electrical connection material.
Plant size: 96 cm x 40 cm.

* with z21®-WLAN package expandable to a networkable center

In order to be able to use the full range of functions of the z21®start, you have two options:

Variant 1:
Use of the z21® WLAN package (Art. No. 10814):
Content: 1 preconfigured router + activation code

Variant 2:
If present a separate router, the activation code is necessary.
z21®-Unlock Code (Part No. 10818):
Content: 1 Unlock Code
Please note that extended network knowledge is required for this purpose.

System requirement for both variants:
Windows PC or notebook as well as an existing internet connection in order to control via app or PC.

Please also note our info sheet:

Please also note our video

Prototype: At the end of the 1960s, DB was considering how to give its fleet a modern and friendly look. So experimented from 1970 to 1974 with new brighter colors, the basic color of the car bodies of all vehicles was Kieselgrau. The roofs were painted in umbra gray. Above the frame most of the passenger coaches still had a decorative strip in pebble gray and a decorative strip in the color of the respective window band. In the vernacular, the eye-catching vehicles was referred to as a «pop car». Six different window shades including decorative strips were used on almost all types of DB express train passenger cars.