Märklin – Norsk godsvogn Type Sgns, «Drikk Coca Cola»

kr 695.00


Type Sgns 1 four-axle container transport car for combined load service. Privately owned car for AAE CARGO AG. Loaded with two (2) 20-foot interchangeable containers with advertising lettering. The car looks as it did around 2016.


  • One-time series in the Coca-Cola® Design.



The car has type Y 25 trucks. It also has a prototypically partially open flat car floor constructed of metal with striking «fish belly» side sills. A hand wheel is included for setting brakes on the car from the ground. The car is loaded with two (2) 20-foot interchangeable containers that can be removed. Length over the buffers 22.7 cm / 8-15-16″. DC wheelset E700580.