Märklin – L88 Link til S88

kr 849.00

SKU: MAR60883


  • Set screw terminals for all connections.



This unit allows connections for the s 88 (60881) and s 88 DC (60882) and the older s 88 feedback modules (6088 und 60880) to the Central Station II an Central Station 3, and to the 60125 Terminal. The unit has an older design socket for the 6088 and 60880 feedback modules, as well as two RJ 45 sockets for the new 60881 and 60882 feedback modules. In addition, there are 16 inputs for contact generators analogous to the 60881. These 16 inputs can be configured specially for track diagram control boards so that a matrix with up to 64 buttons can be set up. A 66360/66361/66365/66367 switched mode power pack or the 60822 is required for operation.