Märklin – NSB El12.2113+2114, mfx sound, smusset

kr 4,990.00

Ny nummervariant av NSB El12 fra Märklin. Modellen er nydelig smusset!


Prototype: Heavy ore locomotive as a 2-section bar electric locomotive series El 12 of the Norwegian State Railways (NSB). Used on the ore railway Lulea – Kiruna – Narvik. Road numbers 2113 + 2114. Olive basic colors, large headlamps, cab doors in old arrangement, large snow plows (Norrlandspflüge) and spoke wheels. Operating condition around 1970. Authentic signs of wear.



  • Highly detailed metal version.
  • mfx decoder with extensive sound and light functions.
  • 1 high-performance drive with flywheel in each locomotive unit.
  • Driver’s cab and engine room lighting separately digitally switchable.
  • Authentic traces of use.


Model: With mfx decoder and extensive sound functions. 2 controlled high-performance drives with flywheel, 1 engine in each locomotive unit with cab. In each case all 4 driving axles in each locomotive unit with driver’s cab driven. Traction tires. Depending on the direction of travel, a two-light peak signal and a red taillight conventionally in operation, digitally switchable. Additional third full light on top digitally switchable. Engine room lighting, as well as cab lighting on the driver’s cab 1 and 2 each separately digitally switchable. Additional marker light digitally switchable. Lighting with maintenance-free warm white and red light emitting diodes (LED). Highly detailed metal design with many separately added details. Detailed roof equipment with large fan attachments and compressed air tanks. Both locomotive units firmly connected. Short coupling kinematics between the two locomotive units. Marking plates for the front end of the locomotive are included separately. Length over buffer 29.0 cm.