Märklin Z-skala – Startsett «Christmas»

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SKU: MAR81845
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1 steam locomotive, 1 boxcar, 1 gondola, 1 passenger car.


The locomotive is constructed of metal. The locomotive and the tender are decorated for Christmas. It has a 5-pole motor, and all of the driving axles are powered. All 3 cars are also decorated for Christmas. Also included are 3 each decorated Christmas trees and kits for «Christmas Stands», «Santa Claus», and «Skating Rink», which can be assembled to make a small winter Christmas market. The stands can also be transported on the high-side gondola. Also included in this set: 2 each straight track, 10 each curved track, a rerailer, and a 230 volt / 12 VA switched mode power pack with a suitable train controller. A track plan brochure is also included. Train length approximately 300 mm / 11-13/16″. Track length approximately 510 mm / 20-1/16″. This set can be expanded with the 82720 set, with the 8190 or 8191, 8192, 8193, and 8194 SET track sets, or it can be expanded with your own designs.