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Noch - Tribune

På lager: 2 NOC14398
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Noch - Tribune

Produktet er midlertidig utsolgt. Dersom du ønsker å motta en epost når vi får det inn på lager, kan du legge igjen epostadressen din i skjemaet under.

Details Stand

Accessories that Liven the Landscape Up! NOCH Laser-Cut minis are ideal for creating lovely and realisitc model scenes. Meanwhile, they became a »little institution«. Diverse assembled kits have been constructed in the last years, and a lot of enthusiastic customers have sent their ideas. Accordingly, we're expanding permanently our Laser-Cut minis product range in H0, TT and N scale. The building kits are available at a reasonable price and always find a home on every model railway layout. Get inspired by our variety of themes! Stand refers to a stage-like platform, or — in a vaguer sense — any place from which a speech can be made. Stands aren't just common in permanent buildings. Today's modular construction, implemented in many events, provides a large flexibility with angularly, round and oval shapes. At the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Valencia 2008 there have been assembled nearly 100.000 temporary stands. The Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival with approx. 40.000 visitors use this technology since years. The stand pieces are joined together with plug connections to guarantee a stabil and secure subconstruction made of steel tubes. Floors and seats can be built up on this basement. (source: Wikipedia Germany)

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