Sommerstengt i butikken fom. 16/7 tom. 7/8. Nettbutikken sender ut varer 1-2 ganger i uka i denne perioden.

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Sommerstengt i butikken fom. 16/7 tom. 7/8. Nettbutikken sender ut varer 1-2 ganger i uka i denne perioden.

Revell 1/150 - Gavesett "Gustav Vasa"

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Revell 1/150 - Gavesett "Gustav Vasa"

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Plastbyggesett i skala 1/150 - inkludert lim og maling.


Produsentens info:

Gift-Set Royal Swedish Warship VASA

In 1625, the Swedish King Gustav Adolf II commissioned the construction of the VASA as the flag ship of his Baltic Fleet. Under the management of a Dutch master shipbuilder, the work was carried out by 400 craftsmen at the royal shipyard at Stockholm. The hull built of oak with 2 gun decks was completed at the beginning of 1628.

With over 700 opulent carved and gilded sculptures and ornamentation the VASA was then fitted out to form a ship of impressive splendour. With a length of 69 m and 72 cannon, this warship called after the ruling royal dynasty, was one of the largest of her time. Urgently needed by the king for the war against the Poles, on 10th August 1628, the VASA set sail on her festive maiden voyage in Stockholm harbour. After a squall of wind, water flowed though the open gunports and within a few moments, the VASA had sunk before the eyes of the assembled crowds. 328 years later, the VASA was rediscovered in Stockholm harbour and in 1961 she was raised.

Extensive searches for parts of the vessel, their reconstruction and conservation are still ongoing. Since 1990 this unique and almost complete ship has been on show in the Vasa Museum Stockholm.


Contents: 1 plastic model kit, 8 Aqua Color paints, glue and paintbrush

- Detailed hull with many structures and decorations
- Decks with wooden structures and hatches
- Stern richly ornamented with many sculptures
- Detailed masts
- Detailed bow
- True-to-original cannon
- Separate gunports
- 2 lifeboats
- Ready-made shrouds
- Textured sails
- Includes rigging yarn
- Display stand
- Colourful flags


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