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Tamiya - 1/35 M109A6 Paladin Iraq

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Art.nr: TAM37026
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Tamiya - 1/35 M109A6 Paladin Iraq

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A Long-Lasting Platform A servant of long standing, the M109 self-propelled howitzer was developed in the 1950s and has been in service from the 1960s, across numerous variants; the M109A6 took over the torch in the 2000s. Mounted in the fully-rotating turret was the L/39 155mm main gun, which had a range of 24 kilometers (30km with rocket-assisted projectiles) and was equipped with a semi-automatic loading system. 975 M109A6s were produced between 1992 and 2002, and they experienced their first action in the Iraq War in 2003.

About the Model ?This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 280mm, width: 115mm. ?A classic Italeri kit gets an update! ?Road wheels have improved molding. ?Separate parts for commander periscope, hatch underside grip, gun barrel ring, hull drain pipe and exhaust tips. ?New parts depict MVS and spare track links. ?Comes with 2 torso figures, numerous accessories and 3 Iraq War marking options. ?Vehicle parts are a product of Italeri. Packaging

Image ?A host of new and re-molded parts ensure that this kit offers a highly detailed finish. Image ?Tamiya accessories, torso figures (x2) and paper ration carton parts are included in the kit. Image ?With re-molded wheels plus cement- and paintable belt tracks, the suspension will catch the eye.


Image ?The kit's rear spade can be deployed or stowed, even after completion of the model. Image ?Photo-etched parts recreate turret rear basket base, water canister strap buckles, and more. Image ?A new Tamiya instruction manual, painting guide, etc. makes assembly of the kit a breeze!


Tamiya Color paints for painting the 1/35 U.S. Self-Propelled Howitzer M109A6 Paladin (Iraq War)

Tamiya Color Spray Paints Tamiya Color Spray Paints
TS-46 Light sand ---

  Tamiya Color Lacquer Paints  
LP-1 Black LP-3 Flat black LP-11 Silver

  Tamiya Colors  
X-1 Black XF-20 Medium grey XF-64 Red brown
X-7 Red XF-49 Khaki XF-67 NATO green
X-10 Gun metal XF-57 Buff XF-68 NATO brown
X-11 Chrome silver XF-60 Dark yellow XF-84 Dark iron
XF-1 Flat black XF-62 Olive drab XF-85 Rubber black
XF-15 Flat flesh --- ---

Make the details stand out! Items 87131, 87132, 87133 & 87140: Panel Line Accent Color (Black), (Brown), (Gray), (Dark Brown)

Adding realistic weathering effects to your model Tamiya Weathering Master & Stick

Useful tools in the construction of your model Item 74066 Diamond File (for Photo-Etched Parts) Item 74068 Modeling Scissors (for Photo-Etched Parts)

Useful materials in the construction of your model Item 87061 Tamiya Metal Primer Item 87091 Tamiya CA Cement (Gel Type)
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