Roco – Dekoder for avkoblingsskinne

kr 398.00

SKU: ROC61197

Dekoder for digital styring av avkoblingsskinne ROC61118.

Informasjon om dekoderen fra Roco sin hjemmeside :

«For 2007 Modelleisenbahn GmbH has dreamt up a genuine world novelty: From now on even the 61118 uncoupling tracks of the geoLine system will have their own decoders! This means that at last fully digital operation is feasible, for example on layouts arranged directly on the floor. Since the mechanics of the uncoupling track already fi ll out its own bedding, one tucks the decoder belonging to it into the connected neighboring track. The electric connection is created via a ten-centimeter cable. This decoder can also be programmed for all turnout addresses between 1 and 1024; in this specifi c case, however, only with the multiMAUS or with the RouteControl. Operation itself can then of course take place via Rocomotion. Certain characteristics of the decoder can be modifi ed via its own CVs. For safety’s sake the decoder is protected against overheating and short circuits. The compact design permits it to be simply inserted under the bedding and it is assembled in no time at all. Note for users of Lokmaus® 1 & 2: This turnout decoder only understands ‘genuine’ turnout addresses. It can no longer be addressed via locomotive addresses.»