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Høsten er her, og vi har vanlige åpningstider igjen!

ESU - Strømforsyning

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Art.nr: ESU50119
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ESU - Strømforsyning

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ECoS power supply

The newly developed, extremely powerful switched-mode power supply 50119 is intended to supply all ESU ECoS digital centers and the ECoSBoost booster, but due to its performance data it is also an ideal power source for electrical DC accessories on your system.
The output voltage of the power supply unit can be continuously adjusted between 15V and 21V with the help of a rotary control and is also stable under load.
The supplied output current can be up to 7A.
A built-in, temperature-controlled fan cools the power supply unit if necessary. It switches off when a short circuit or overload is detected and automatically restarts when the overload is removed.

The power supply unit is suitable for use in well-ventilated indoor areas.

Voltage input IEC 60320 C8 two-pin socket
Voltage output Permanently soldered cable harness 1.8 m with DC socket 5.5 mm / 2.1 mm