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Tamiya - 1/48 Gekko type 11 Late production

1 På lager TAM61078
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Tamiya - 1/48 Gekko type 11 Late production

Produktet er midlertidig utsolgt. Dersom du ønsker å motta en epost når vi får det inn på lager, kan du legge igjen epostadressen din i skjemaet under.


? About the Nakajima Gekko Model 11 Late-Production ??It was to be another long-range harassment of the Japanese outpost of Rabaul, New Britain Island. In the early hours of May 21, 1943, the B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 43d Bombardment Group moved inland, putting themselves in range of Japanese fighters. The gunners scanned the darkness of the night sky for enemy aircraft, but it seemed clear. Then, just before the bomb run could begin, enemy fire pierced the underbelly of the bomber and struck the engines, sending the B-17 crashing into the sea. The fatal shots came from the 20mm guns of fixed-angle, oblique-firing system mounted on a Japanese "Gekko" (Moonlight) night fighter, that the US would later name, "Irving". Its development goes back to 1938, when the Japanese Navy was planning a twin-engine fighter to support its long-range bombers. The aircraft was required to be capable of higher speeds and longer range than the "Zero", and equal to it in terms of maneuverability. The Nakajima Company brought forward a prototype, the 13-Shi Twin-engine Land-Based Fighter (J1N1), which used two 1000hp "Sakae" engines, one on each of its sturdy main wings. Since it proved inferior to single-engine fighters of the time, it was adopted as a Type 2 Land-based Reconnaissance Aircraft (J1N1-R). However, the need to counter the nocturnal B-17 bombers in the Southwest Pacific led to its conversion into a night-fighter. This transformation came about by positioning the armaments to fire at an oblique angle from the line of flight, allowing the fighters to swiftly strike the bombers while maintaining a parallel course and speed with a target either above or below. 

? About the Model ???Graceful form of the late-production Gekko has been accurately reproduced. ?Upward-firing 20mm cannons and their magazines feature a high level of detail. Inspection hatch may be assembled in either open or closed position. ?Two crew figures and two marking options included.

? About Upward-Firing Cannons ?? The Gekko was fitted with four Type 99 Model 2 20mm cannons, two which fired upward at a 30 degrees and two which fired downward at the same angle. With 100 rounds per gun, this gave the Gekko plenty of firepower with which to attack incoming bombers. Some aircraft were fitted with three upward-firing guns and others had the downward firing guns removed. ?Kit depicts aircraft with downward-firing guns removed.

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