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Woodland - Deep Pour Water, Clear

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Art.nr: WODCW4510
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Woodland - Deep Pour Water, Clear

Produktet er midlertidig utsolgt. Dersom du ønsker å motta en epost når vi får det inn på lager, kan du legge igjen epostadressen din i skjemaet under.

https://youtu.be/fTScfbgj244Create underwater features with Deep Pour Water and Water Undercoats for submerged water scenes or to imitate depth. Add Water Tints when modeling any aquatic ecosystem and Surface Waters for the illusion of water movement and undeniable realism. Deep Pour Water dries hard and won't crack, is non-shrinking, and will not become discolored over time. Click here to use our Water Volume Estimator to determine how much product you need to create your water feature.  

Water System Overview

New Water System https://youtu.be/fTScfbgj244  

Deep Pour Water™ Clear

The Water System is a customizable line of products designed to help you get the water look you want. Whether you're making puddles or ocean waves, the possibilities are endless! https://youtu.be/Zo1EKb0kL80  

How To Use Deep Pour Water™ Clear & Murky

Learn to use the Deep Pour Clear and Murky water products along with the new Water Volume Estimator app on our website. https://youtu.be/46cCO7yJywA  

How to Make a Temporary Dam

Learn how to make a temporary dam so you can create water features that reach the edge of your layout. https://youtu.be/Q6zuCxJjvDY

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